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Welcome to Real Estate Interpreters Services!!

We value your business and appreciate that you have chosen us for your ASL interpreting services.

  • REIS provides certified sign language interpreters to real estate related companies (or individuals) who work with DDDBDHH families during their home buying and selling process.  Our interpreters work alongside realtors, inspectors, title companies, mortgage lenders, etc. REIS's goal is to provide DDDBDHH families with smooth and pleasant real estate experiences.

  • Our interpreters maintain an ACTIVE REIS certification.  They attend real estate training on regular basis and are evaluated every six months. 

  • REIS offers a simple annual flat rate, eliminating the hassles of common interpreter services. 

                                           Membership Terms and Policies                                           

REIS MEMBERS pay an hourly rate based on the interpreting level required (Basic, business, or legal) with a 2-hour minimum requirement. If the appointment extends beyond the scheduled time, charges will be incurred in 30-minute blocks.   

Membership is good for 12 months. 


  • We ask our members to set their appointments at least 24 hours in advance, however we can accommodate services within 5 hours of the appointment. 


  • Schedule your appointment:   



             CANCELLATIONS AND RESCHEDULING                                                                                                    

  • We urge members to inform REIS of any POSSIBLE AND ACTUAL changes or cancellations as soon as any issues arise.    Our interpreters organize their schedules and their livelihoods around our scheduling accuracy.    

  •  Failure to give proper notice due to negligence will result in a freeze of services.  A $200 re-institution fee will apply.  


  • After failing to give proper notice 3 times, the membership will be canceled without a refund.   Re-installment of services is available with a premium of 25% of the membership. 

  • Weekend and holiday schedules MUST BE set up with at least 24-hour notice

If you have any questions regarding REIS policies, please call us

we’re here for you!

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