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        OUR INTERPRETERS HAVE SKILLS                                                                                                                      


  • We know fluent American Sign Language.

    • Ability to translate American Sign Language to spoken English and spoken English to American Sign Language.

  • We are able to use appropriate vocabulary related to communication barriers in both English and in American Sign Language.


        OUR INTERPRETERS ARE QUALIFIED                                                                                                                  

  • We have completed the Real Estate Interpreting Services training course.  (provided by Real Estate Interpreting Services)  Click HERE to request class information. 

  • We have outstanding time management and communication skills. 

  • We have an understanding of Deaf community dynamics and be able to provide leadership to encourage interpersonal relationships.

  • We maintain an easy-going,  flexible, enthusiastic and optimistic outlook and demeanor. 

  • We maintain a positive outlook when plans don't work out. - Cancellations and rescheduling are VERY common in real estate.

  • We have the ability to work through highly emotionally charged (non-violent) scenarios, the home buying/selling process can be very stressful for buyers/sellers. 

  • We maintain a vigilant awareness of the safety needs of D/HH  buyers/sellers. ( Alarms, any other auditory warnings)

  • We complete a satisfactory background check. 

  • We are 18 years of age or older. 

  • We have a legal US Residency status.  Resident visa, valid work visa or citizenship documentation.

        OUR INTERPRETERS ARE RESPONSIBLE                                                                                                            

  • We provide sign language interpretation for real estate transactions between buyers/sellers and client (Title Co, Mortgage Lenders, Appraisers, etc)

  • We support participants in all activities during the exchange, including but not limited to, communicating with third parties. 

  • We work with Real Estate Interpreting Services staff in all areas as determined by the stated schedule.

  • We counsel and consult with participants, when appropriate, to maintain satisfaction.

  • We represent Real Estate Interpreting Services at its best possible light. 

  • WE acknowledge that your actions represent our organization,

  • We act in ways which are culturally sensitive to other persons, and 

  • We tactfully negotiate compromises.

  • We participate in orientation, training and evaluation meetings set forth by Real Estate Interpreting Services.

  • We help Real Estate professionals and entities navigate their legal obligations with respect to serving deaf and hard of hearing clients and customers.

  • We dress appropriately.  Real estate is a business industry and our interpreters are required to reflect this by wearing business-casual attire when conducting business on behalf of Real Estate Interpreting Services.  Accessories and personal expressions choices as piercings and tattoos need to be covered or removed as much as possible. All hair color choices are acceptable as long as proper care and attention is provided to color upkeep. 

  • We are well prepared and accept appointments with less than twenty-four hours notice. We require clients to give a minimum of 24-h notice, however the real estate industry is very dynamic and unpredictable.  Interpreters may be asked and may choose to be at a work-site within 5 hours. This does not constitute an emergency. 

  • We provide copies of driver’s license, social security card, work visa (if applicable) and current certification for CPR/ First Aid (if applicable), and  interpretation. 

  • We attend mandatory professional development as needed to improve understanding and knowledge of  real estate related vocabulary and concepts.

        OUR INTERPRETERS GET PAID FAST AND FAIRLY                                                                                               

  • We are paid upon REIS receiving the "Interpreter Assignment Invoice" as follows

  • Those of us who demonstrate high levels of integrity, punctuality, communication, and loyalty to Real Estate Interpreting Services and our clients are eligible to receive cash bonuses quarterly.


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